100 men bare all in a collection of photographs and interviews about manhood and ‘manhood’. 

After Bare Reality came out, I found myself drawn, perhaps compelled, to create an inner psychological and creative balance, and explore men’s stories. Manhood: The Bare Reality is a collection of 100 intimate photographs and interviews with men, and explores themes of masculinity, gender and sexuality, offering a unique insight into what it means to be a man in the 21st century. 

These days we are all less bound by gender and traditional roles, but is there more confusion about what being a man means? From veteran to vicar, from porn addict to prostate cancer survivor, men from all walks of life share honest reflections about their bodies, sexuality, relationships, fatherhood, work and health.

Just as Bare Reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories presented the un-airbrushed truth about breasts for women, Manhood: The Bare Reality shows us the spectrum of ‘normal’, revealing men’s penises and bodies in all their diversity and glory, dispelling body image anxiety and myths.

Hearing these men’s stories was an absolute privilege and honour and I am very grateful for the experience. I’m excited this book share with you. I don’t think people will have heard men talk so honestly about so many fascinating subjects. Masculinity is associated with being ‘strong and silent’, yet here is a book of 100 men talking frankly and intimately about their manhood in both senses.

 Sensitive and compassionate, Manhood will surprise you and reassure you. It may even make you reconsider what you think you know about men, their bodies and masculinity. 

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Reviews for Manhood:

‘This book left me feeling exhilarated and reflective. In the voices of the men, so freely expressed here, I heard myself. Like my ‘internal conversation’ got cranked up LOUD. The recesses of my long, hidden in the dark thinking, thoughts that I have been almost afraid of thinking out loud in my mind, let alone speak out loud, have just had the light turn onto them, and I am grateful. Thank you.’ – Mark Harris, author of ‘Men, Love & Birth’

‘This could be my favorite book of all time.’ – Jenny McCarthy, actress and TV/radio host

‘Manhood: The Bare Reality provides an important contribution to the emotional and physical exploration of men and masculinities. Intimate interviews offer insight into how men navigate sex, desire, hopes and anxieties; these diverse inner lives are complemented with images that document equally diverse bodies. Read it to understand men better, both inside and out.’
Dr Joseph Gelfer, researcher of men and masculinities