I am a photographer, artist and author, telling powerful, moving human stories for art, editorial and commercial commissions.


I am a photographer, artist and author, telling powerful, moving human stories for art, editorial and commercial commissions.

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Labels can be conventional and confining, but if I choose one word to describe what I do, it is Storyteller.

My books Bare Reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories and Manhood: The Bare Reality and Womanhood: The Bare Reality attracted worldwide media coverage and critical acclaim. I gave a TEDx talk about this series. A documentary based on Womanhood called 100 Vaginas will be on Channel 4 Tuesday 19th February 2019.

The same themes run through everything I do: my work is an exploration of people, our loves, our lives and our place in the world. In everything I do, I desire to connect deeply with people, practise integrity, and interpret and present their stories with truth and memorable imagery. 

I follow my heart and instincts. Love took me to Paris, which meant taking a break from my career in publishing and marketing. I’d always meant to put my English degree to better use, so I decided to retrain as a journalist. To fill some spare time I enrolled on a black and white composition course, which was a revelation: I learnt I enjoyed communicating through the lens. In recent years I’ve come full circle and most of my work combines photography, interviewing and writing. The thing about following your heart and instincts? There will be more surprises.


Q&A with Caitlin Moran for The Times’ Feminist Five:


Why do you do what you do?

My work is a personal enquiry as much as it is an exploration of people, our loves, lives and place in the world. More and more, I find I have to respond creatively to the people and culture around me. Photography is a useful tool - it makes me stop and consider the figurative, as well as literal, lens through which I see life. I think nothing beats a good story, especially if it answers deeper socio-political, artistic and emotional questions at the same time. Bare Reality is all about revealing the truth of how our bodies look and the stories they can tell, separating fantasy and reality, comparing the public and personal.

What are you best at?

I’m curious, and I hope I am always learning. I know I don’t have all the answers - who does? The personal interests me the most at the moment, I want to know people’s stories. The skill is to hear what people don’t say, as well as what they do say, knowing how to extract things they didn’t even know about themselves, within a safe space. The people I work with know they can trust me. I truly care about representing them honestly and compassionately. There’s no point telling someone’s story if you don’t do it with heart.

What one thing would make work better?

The next several years are mapped out creatively. So maybe it would be helpful to increase the number of hours in a day!

If you had to start again and do something else, what would it be?

I would do what I do now. I’m glad I created Bare Reality and am happy and hopeful about forthcoming projects. My career has had a few twists and turns, so I wish I could have understood who I am and what I love doing a little earlier in life.

Which woman do you admire and what question would you like to ask her?

Just one woman and one question… ‘Mary Magdalene, please could you tell me the story of your whole life?

October 2015